Dr. B is truly on your side. He cares for your well being and is always willing to go the extra mile. I have been a patient for three years, and I highly recommend him to you. I ran out one time, and had to visit another doctor. The other doctor was talking about tapering me on my first visit. Get real, I need this to survive jack. Dr B is the way to go.


Dr. Banimahd has been taking me since last year. I can honestly say he has saved my life with his addiction treatments. I’ve successfully stayed of opiates for a year this July. It also has curved any and all cravings for methamphetamine, my other addiction. I haven’t been clean this long and a lot of that has to do with Dr. B. He genuinely cares and is a real professional, that had helped save and change my life. Thank you to everyone at Zephyr medical group!


Dr. B is such an amazing doctor! I couldn’t ask for a better doctor. He’s patient, kind, understanding, honest, and many other things but most importantly he calls you out when it’s needed and won’t let you slip through the cracks. He’s so intelligent and really knows what he is doing. Being a female, it’s hard to find doctors that treat you with respect and really try hard to get to the bottom of whatever you’re going through. Addiction is horrible. He knows how to get you through feeling better than ever.


Dr Bani and his staff are seriously the best!! I work in the field of drug and alcohol treatment and I can tell you 1st hand not only is Dr Banimahd talented and extremely well versed in the field of addiction, but he’s also very sensitive to each and every one of his patients needs. Your treatment is very much individualized to your needs and he truly listens to all things that can affect this. He does not rush you or talk over you and he reassures that he will always be there for you. He truly takes the Hippocratic Oath and the patient-Dr. relationship very seriously. I’m so happy I had found him! I would never recommend anyone but him! Thank you Dr Bani for saving lives!


Zephyr Medical group is unlike any other. If you are looking for the right place to achieve a beautiful sober life, Dr. B is the man that will help take care of that for you. He has helped me stay abstinent from an extreme heroin/opiate addiction for months without even any cravings. A drug that never used to leave my mind, I no longer even have to think about. I live a comfortable life that allows me to know that I am always safe because of the care I receive at Zephyr. Not only am I taken care of by Dr. B, I am taken care of by his friendly staff and counseling team that checks on me via text and phone calls and support groups by Dr. B are educational and I feel understood. This is the only doctor that has said call me when you need me and has actually meant it because he answers his phone–even has taken my calls late at night at the beginning to ease my cravings and loves having my family involved with my treatment. He also has given me the best counselor in the world. If you are looking for treatment for an addiction that is currently destroying your life you have found the right place. Feel free to reach out to me with more good stuff!


I have been treated by Doctor Banimahd close to 5 years now, and I can honestly say he’s the BEST doctor I know, and his staff is OUTSTANDING! Dr. Banimahd saved my life, and I will forever be greatful to him. If you’re that person that needs help with your addiction, you’ll NEVER find a better doctor and staff to take care of you… I can promise you that. God Bless you Dr. Banimahd and Staff, and thank you for everything. ♥️JoAnn


Dr. B is an amazing doctor. He is very compassionate towards his patients and is very understanding when our loved ones are in a tough spot in their life.


Dr Banimahd is one of the best doctors I’ve seen and I highly recons him. He actually cares about his patients unlike most doctors. He will do everything and anything to see his patients succeed. He has helped me change my life and I wouldn’t be here without him. Thank you for everything doctor.


I am so grateful to have found Dr Banimahd. He has been treating my daughter for some time now and I have found him to be caring compassionate, empathetic and above all else, extremely knowledgeable regarding addiction medicine. With Dr. Banimahd on our side, I now have hope that she will beat this demon.


Very professional environment they were nice to me from the second I walked in. They were polite the entire time and made sure I was comfortable and after meeting the doctor. I will for sure be coming back to see him for any issues I have in the future. He is amazing finding positive solutions to issues that patients are struggling with. Most definitely recommend this doctor to anybody struggling with addiction. Would give 10 stars if I could!


This lovely physician has been a godsend to my son and proved to be ethical and fair and has a great understanding of the complex disease of addiction.


Dr Banhimahd has changed my life for the better. I’ve known him for years and he listens and helps you solve your problems in a smart and constructive way. His staff have always been very kind to me and my visits to his office have always been more then pleasant. I recommend him to anybody struggling with substance abuse.


Dr. Banimahd has been such a blessing in my life. I’ve never met a doctor with such compassion and love for his clients. Even when I have faltered I felt no judgement from him at all, only understanding. He has truly helped me get back on track to recovery and I don’t know where I would be without him. Thank Dr. B for all that you do, I am so grateful for your encouragement and positivity.


This place is amazing. The doctor is very caring for his patients and takes his job and his ethics very seriously. With so many insurance scams going on at other offices it is truly a breath of fresh air to have found him and his resolve to help people no matter what, without compromising his honesty, and resolve to do the right thing. To make a long story short, this place, the staff members, and the wonderful “Dr. B” have not only saved my life, but got it back on track so I can finally realize the goals I’ve always dreamed of. I don’t understand the negative reviews.. perhaps they don’t understand the sheer amount of people that come through that office, consistently month after month, for the medical help they need. These are real people who have shown me nothing but kindness and compassion, like I said before, they saved my life. Love this place 250/10, 100000%, love.



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We use and advocate for medication-assisted treatment for dealing with drug addiction and alcoholism.


We contend that providing harm reduction services amid the largest opiate epidemic in our nation’s history will: improve public health, build a supportive and loving community.


The Chronic Care Model (CCM) is an organizational approach to caring for people with chronic disease in a primary care setting.


Led by our medical director, Dr. Faried Banimhad, We have one of the highest rated addiction treatment programs in Orange County, CA.


We offer basic primary care services to everyone who needs help.


We provide basic urgent care resources to those in need in the Orange County, CA area.


Because no two people are the same, we believe that your addiction treatment plan should be handled like the unique individual what you are.


We are proud to offer a progressive and effective addiction treatment plan around evidence-based practices.


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This doctor gave me over a year of sobriety and still going, after a four-year struggle with addiction. This man has done more for me than my own flesh and blood. He is an amazing doctor. He listens to your needs and tries to think of constructive ways to fix any issues at hand. Hands down the best doctor in Orange County in my opinion. I strongly recommend this doctor to anyone struggling with substance abuse.

Verified Patient of Faried Banimahd MD