Relapse Prevention

At Zephyr Medical Group, We strongly believe that after substance abuse treatment is dealt with, the battle is not done. Relapse prevention strategies should be in place to help prevent you from following back into your old habits. 

We are proud to offer a comprehensive relapse prevention program to goes hand-in-hand with our substance abuse treatment program.

A Few Words

About Our Clinic

We are a medical clinic dedicated to the treatment of any form of chemical dependency, illicit or otherwise.  Our clinic fully supports the use of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), if clinically indicated in your care.  In addition, the paradigm of approach is grounded in Harm Reduction and tailored to each individual patient to meet them where they are at.  All of this adds a unique approach to care compared to current models in the United States.  This perspective exhibits that our care is in line with all the international standards of care and scientific data which has shown major improvement in patient outcomes.  Our patients attest that our treatment is exceptional, compassionate, and groundbreaking.  Please call (949) 347-8721 and ask to speak with our clinical team for a more in-depth explanation.

Zephyr In a Nutshell

Meet Faried Banimahd MD

Clinical Director & Founder of Zephyr Medical Group

Prior to business and private practice, Dr. B was the Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at both the University of California, Irvine and UCLA/Kern Medical Center.   In this role, he trained dozens of brilliant medical students, researchers, and young physicians.  Dr. B has been a part of many research groups and has many published papers in the field.  He was also named one of Orange County’s Top Influencers in 2017 by The OC Register.

Our facility was established by a man who believes in science and doesn’t give up.  You will find the best care here and will walk out of our facility with your head held high. 

If you’re struggling with addiction get in touch with us at Zephyr Medical Group today.  We offer compassionate and comprehensive care based on harm reduction and the chronic disease model approach.


One of my favorite quotes by St. Augustine embodies my practice.  “Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.”

Faried Banimahd

Harm reduction & chronic disease model Approach

Why Choose Us


We use and advocate for medication-assisted treatment for dealing with drug addiction and alcoholism.


We contend that providing harm reduction services amid the largest opiate epidemic in our nation’s history will: improve public health, build a supportive and loving community.


The Chronic Care Model (CCM) is an organizational approach to caring for people with chronic disease in a primary care setting.

Qualified Doctors

Led by our medical director, Dr. Faried Banimhad, We have one of the highest rated addiction treatment programs in Orange County, CA.


We offer basic primary care services to everyone who needs help.


We provide basic urgent care resources to those in need in the Orange County, CA area.

Personalized Treatment

Because no two people are the same, we believe that your addiction treatment plan should be handled like the unique individual what you are.

Progressive Treatment

We are proud to offer a progressive and effective addiction treatment plan around evidence-based practices.

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