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Drug or alcohol addiction can take over a person’s life.  Most people believe they will never get addicted, but it can sneak up on you and catch you off-guard.  At Zephyr Medical Group, we aim to pull you out of addiction.  We use proven techniques grounded in scientific and clinical data to help you recover and stay clean for many years to come.  Our medical team provides Orange County, CA with the education, expertise, and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) that other facilities simply fail to do.

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If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse, addiction, or mental health issues, we can help!

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About Our Substance Abuse Treatment Center

The Most Trusted Substance Abuse Treatment & Drug Rehab Facility in Santa Ana, Orange County, CA.

There are dozens of rehab facilities and establishments in California, particularly in Orange County. But can you trust them to handle your addiction properly?  If you’re uncertain and want to take the right step, contact us today.  Our Founder and Clinical Director Faried Banimahd MD has established a system that sets patients on the path to success. Our facility offers a safe, understanding, and compassionate environment to everyone struggling with addiction.  You will find no judgment or reprimand here.  We understand addiction and how it can take over your entire being.

Our treatments are both medically sound and clinically effective.  We use a combination of behavioral and pharmacological therapy to get the best results.

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Are you addicted to prescription drugs, illegal substances, or alcohol?  You’re not alone and there are millions of people on the same path.  We provide Medication Assisted Treatment in Orange County and can help you recover.  Our goal is to get long-term results while preventing relapse as much as possible.

Depression is a very common mental ailment and it often goes untreated.  We take all kinds of mental disorders serious and provide science-based treatments to help you manage it.

Anxiety can hamper personal and professional life. It can attach you without warning and leave you breathless. We have solutions that can help you manage your anxiety and reduce the frequency of the attacks.

Things happen. Sometimes patients need urgent care and attention with immediate medical issues to survive and recover.  We offer comprehensive urgent care to all patients.

This doctor gave me over a year of sobriety and still going, after a four-year struggle with addiction. This man has done more for me than my own flesh and blood. He is an amazing doctor. He listens to your needs and tries to think of constructive ways to fix any issues at hand. Hands down the best doctor in Orange County in my opinion. I strongly recommend this doctor to anyone struggling with substance abuse.

Verified Patient of Faried Banimahd MD


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